Who We Are | Riviere de Soleil Community Care Center

Who We Are

Rivière de Soleil Community Care Center is part of the CommCare family, a Louisiana non-profit corporation which operates 15 skilled nursing facilities all in the state of Louisiana.  We believe that our company is small enough to recognize and support individual needs of each center, yet large enough to bring the resources necessary to continuously improve quality of care.

CommCare Corporation’s mission is to be an innovative leader in the development and delivery of quality health care services, and to be committed to a learning environment that attracts and develops dedicated care givers.

Our Culture

Culture Changes at Rivière de Soleil Community Care Center. It’s about the journey.

Our culture at Riviere de Soleil creates an atmosphere that enriches the lives of our residents, offering spontaneity and choices in how our residents spend their days while building strong and supportive relationships.

We promote an atmosphere that nurtures relationships with our residents, families, and staff members. Our facility and philosophy fosters an environment that provides meaning and purpose to residents and staff. Staff practices revolve around the resident’s choices, putting residents in the driver’s seat of their home and care. We offer residents choices in dining and bathing as well and when to rise and when to retire.

We are devoted to creating activities that are engaging and gratifying for the residents. Residents and families enjoy our weekly programs, including martial arts, hobbies, painting, gardening and baking, always keeping in mind that at Riviere de Soleil, participation is centered around their choice.

Riviere de Soleil takes great pride in providing residents not only a “home” but truly a “place to live!”

Letter from Rivière de Soleil Community Care Center Team

Welcome to Rivière de Soleil Community Care Center.

Welcome to Riviere de Soleil.  Our center is designed upon the household model of care and features 96 private rooms, including four couple rooms and 13 semi-private rooms, all conveniently located in nine smaller households. Each household is equipped with its own kitchen and dining rooms in addition to a personal laundry. This offers a more intimate setting of 14-15 resident rooms, many of which include a private bath. One of the households is dedicated entirely to those individuals requiring a short term stay or short term rehabilitation and is directly adjacent to our state of the art therapy center. Comfort and convenience are the cornerstones of our beautiful center.

Located in Mansura, Louisiana (the Cochon de Lait Capital of the World), Riviere de Soleil stays true to local culture, offering residents a custom built outdoor area complete with cochon de lait pavilion. Residents and visitors alike enjoy a beautiful cafe area, which is ideal for residents and families wishing to enjoy a cup of ice cream, coffee or perhaps browse through the market place at their leisure.

Riviere de Soleil proudly offers a serene chapel of regularly scheduled religious services to meet the spiritual needs of our residents.

Imagine a long-term facility that meets the needs of the whole person….We did.


Rivière de Soleil Community Care Center Team

Who We Are

The Rivière de Soleil Community Care Center is proud to employ talented, caring compassionate leaders who bring tremendous value to the residential experience at our facility.
Megan Descant-Williams, Administrator
Julie Gremillion, Director of Nursing
Allison Ravare-Augustine, Marketing Director